Pornography is destroying children’s future

When a child reaches its adolescent age, be it boy or girl, it starts to feel its body. It is mainly due to hormonal changes and their age. This is time that their mind wanders about thinking of stuff relating to their body. Pornography is like poison. For example: No one would ever purposefully eat daily doses of arsenic. Its poison and would eventually stop the heart from beating and would cause brain death. Pornography is like this. However, it may not cause the heart to stop beating, but will cause the heart to stop feeling. The brain stops to feel and even cause deadness in the brain.

Disadvantages of pornography

If watching porn videos increases, then the spousal love becomes suffocated. Reports say that more than 50 percent of the divorce cases is because one person getting excessively addicted to pornography. Too many addictions will make them choose porn videos than their spouses. Watching them continuously will give pleasure to oneself, but will leave the other person lonely and rejected. It has become the drug of new millennium. It tends to work far more than consuming the hard drugs like heroin and cocaine.

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It changes the person’s thinking and takes over him or her. It plays with a person’s carnal thoughts and behaviors. It basically in a married couple, spoils the relationship overall. The people portrayed in pornography videos show false love towards their partner. It paints a false image of the person. If the true married couple cannot live up to this untrue image and hence the marital life becomes less fulfilling. If the partner expects the other to do what was done in the video without thinking if he or she is feeling comfortable, then it becomes difficult to enjoy normal relationships with their spouses. Many videos contain sex, desi babes nude pics, kissing and short films on sex. All these are an addiction changing the mind of the person, thus making him or her less interested to have healthy sex with his or her partner.

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One and only solution to all these addictions and divorce cases having pornography as main reason is to remove all those sites from the internet. There are technologies developed daily. Removing them totally will save the lives of many people and will stop many divorces as well. Watching sex tapes and desi babes nude pics is not life. Life has many beautiful things apart from these obscene videos, and it is high time people need to see the pretty things in the world.

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